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Client-centered law firm specializing in business law, estate planning, and intellectual property.

Business Law

We offer grounded legal advice for your business. From business formation to contracts to acquiring domain names, we’re here for you.

Estate Planning

We work to help you protect the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. From asset transference to passing on your values, we help you create a plan to benefit generations to come.

Intellectual Property

From protecting your brand identity through trademark to helping you maximize your ideas through copyright, Jones Legal, P.C. has you covered.

General Counsel

As outside general counsel, we provide answers to legal questions and address legal issues as needed. We provide peace of mind.

Ready to take your business to the next level? So are we.

Are You Protecting the Brand You Worked so Hard to Build?

Jones Legal, P.C. is a boutique virtual law firm focusing on the fashion, cosmetics, technology, and entertainment industries. We’re here to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. As business owners ourselves, we know your company is your biggest investment. We’ll help you protect your intellectual property and grow your business.

We know what it’s like to build successful businesses from the ground up. And we’ll put our entrepreneurial and legal expertise to work for you. Whether you’re ready to launch a new business or restructure an existing one, we have the legal know-how to do it for you.

Much more than an intellectual property and business law firm, Jones Legal, P.C. is your biggest advocate. From business formation to trademarking to copyright enforcement, we will provide you with the honest advice, tenacious intellectual property protection, and knowledgeable legal representation you need for every step of your journey.

We believe in you. We believe in your business.

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Here’s what you can expect from Jones Legal, P.C.

  • Fast, efficient, and effective legal representation
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Passion, compassion, and curiosity
  • Reasonable rates for exceptional legal services

At Jones Legal, P.C., Our Focus is You